NightEye CEO Stanislav Dimitrov: Lands 2500 customers using unique SEO fiverr writing strategy


NightEye CEO Stanislav Dimitrov making browser extension that enables dark mode… Visit them:

See more of Stanislav's data:

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If you guys are short on time, use these links to quickly browse Stanislav's highlights with me:
1:36 Currently serving 2500 customers
3:18 Team size of 4
5:58 Company launched in 2018
5:09 Bootstrapped
2:03 Monthly recurring revenue
6:28 Gross churn
1:43 Average revenue per user

10 Комментарии
  1. Arman Ananian Говорит

    Interesting strategy! He could also expand the organic into Quora and YouTube videos

  2. Shamma Raghib Говорит

    What tool do you use for livestream Mr Latka?

    1. Nathan Latka Говорит

      streamyard 🙂

  3. Devin Friesen Говорит

    5 dollars per article!? I’ll give him 200 articles right now.

    1. Devin Friesen Говорит

      @Connor Addis 100

    2. Connor Addis Говорит

      out of curiosity what would you pay per article for a SEO optimised article 500 words. I’m not selling just interested.

  4. Joe L Говорит

    How can you tell how many clicks he is getting per month?

    1. Nathan Latka Говорит

      ​@Joe L <-- easier to search my interviews here

    2. Joe L Говорит

      @Nathan Latka Thanks Nathan, love the show. Do you delete older episodes from the channel? I do not see Shaun Clark from gohighlevel

    3. Nathan Latka Говорит

      i use ahref’s to estimate

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